The Contractor of the Month awards are designed to reward our contractors for their excellent performance at ASF Intermodal. Winners must meet the following requirements:

  • Worked a minimum of 20 days or 20 loads delivered in the month
  • All logs completed and turned in
  • No violations, D.O.T. or company – within the month
  • 100% on time delivery – within the month
  • No chargeable accidents or incidents since start date

Second Quarter 2017


Joe Frederick

Joe is always on time for his deliveries and is a positive in fluence on other drivers, he is

Always trying to fine more drivers for Baltimore.

Memphis Van

Quincy Boyd

He always has a positive attitude, on-time for his loads, and has done a good job pushing Charles Downey to stay on top of the p/m of his truck.


Wilmer Barrientos

Very positive attitude, paperwork is also scanned correctly every week.  Will do anything that we ask.  This driver has never not once complained about a single thing.


Lukasz Nowobilski

He has been a great addition to our fleet.  He helps out when ever needed and without a complaint!


Lawyer Farley

He has an amazing attitude and work ethic and is always willing to help out. He has bailed us out multiple times with last free days from the rail and running loads that no one else wanted to do. I wish I had 10 more drivers like him.


Leo Mendoza

Leo has been a with ASF since the doors opened in Atlanta.  He has stuck with us through thick and thin, the good times and the bad!  We appreciate his hard work and dedication and look forward to 6 more years together!


David Cartrette

On time, paperwork exact, communicates well, customer focused.

Atlanta Van

Corey Lomack

good driver rarely complains and also has great customer service

Fort Worth

Allie Buchanan

Allie has been a consistent and dependable driver. He always submits his paperwork in a timely manner and communicates professionally with customers and the office alike. His positive attitude makes him a real pleasure to work with.


Kenneth Greathouse

Kenneth always comes through when we need him to.

First Quarter 2017
Baltimore –Darrell Bailey
Savannah –Antonio Bines
Memphis – Patrick Chambers
Dallas – Harold Rodriguez
Chicago – Reginald Pettis
Houston – Victor Aldana
New Orleans – Steven Armelin
Atlanta – Troy Spivey
Charleston – Ron Bennett
Fort Worth – Joseph Johnson
Mobile – Marvin Lofton

October 2016
Baltimore – Charles (Buddy) Reed
Savannah – Christopher McMillian
Memphis – Johnnie Jones
Dallas – Billy Harris
Chicago – Konrad Plata
Houston – Rodney Acevedo
New Orleans – Aaron Foster
Atlanta – Muluneh Muluneh
Charlotte – Jason Brown
Charleston – Melinda Mack
Fort Worth – Saul Reyes
Mobile – James (Tommy) Anderson

September 2016
Baltimore – Jerrod Thomas
Dallas – Rogelio Castillo
Norfolk – Ernest Cowell
Chicago – Reginald Pettis
Houston – Ulices Lopez
New Orleans – Quintin Bridges
Charlotte – Rodney Crowder
Charleston – Jeffery Bunjevic
Atlanta Van – Emory Vaughn
Mobile – Josh Roberts
Memphis Van – Eugene Robinson
Fort Worth – Luis Arcia
Columbus – Dalshad Qarawloos

August 2016

Baltimore – Anthony Kiser
Savannah – Ricky Reese
Dallas – Noel Riveria
Norfolk – Horace Faulcon
Chicago – Rainney Serrano
Houston – Jasper Green
New Orleans – Jamalle Rogers
Atlanta – Ramon Lezama
Charlotte – Joe Garcia
Charleston – Tim Thomas
Fort Worth – Arnaldo Alonzo
Columbus – Abdiwali Mohamed
Mobile – Tom Adasevic

May 2016

Savannah –Devin Culver
Dallas – Jose Nevarez
Norfolk – Samuel Moore
Chicago – Darrell Willie
Houston – Salvador Martinez
New Orleans –  Jamalle Rogers
Atlanta – Victor Ramirez
Mobile – Marvin Lofton
Memphis – Jerry Simon
Charleston – Ben Williams
Memphis Regional Van – Odell William
Atlanta Regional Van – Brian Green
Fort Worth – Roger Knox
Columbus – Abdiwali Mohamed

April 2016

Savannah – Harold Goolsby
Dallas – Francisco Agular
Norfolk – Brandon Hill
Chicago – Tom Stuth
Houston – Joaquin Isern
New Orleans – Ceric Boyd
Atlanta – Juan Rodriquez
Mobile – Steven Watford
Memphis – Clarence Barbee
Charleston – Lambert Clark
Charlotte – Wesley Myers
Atlanta Regional – VanBrian Green
Memphis Regional – VanJames Adams
Fort Worth  – Juan Aguire
Columbus – Mohammad Hussen

March 2016

Savannah -Kendrick McDonald
Dallas – Andre Wade
Norfolk  – Mohammed Lawrence
Chicago – Daniel Rodriguez
Houston – Ronnie Riles
New Orleans – Joe Muller
Atlanta – Melvin Cervantes
Mobile – Willie Ratcliff
Charleston – Juan Young
Atlanta Regional Van – Maddyel Llanes
Memphis Regional Van – Felix George
Fort Worth – Roberto Linares
Columbus – Abdi Zubeir

January 2016

Memphis – Robert Martin
Savannah -Angie Bekom
Dallas – Taklei Haile
Norfolk – Michael Duncan
Chicago – Brian Feldman
Houston – Averial Felton
New Orleans – Donald Pontiff
Atlanta – Richard Hetrick
Charlotte -Greg Shoust
Mobile -Billy Jackson
Charleston – Eugene Robinson
Atlanta Regional Van – Anthony Stewart
Fort Worth – David Santamaria
Columbus -Aaras Qarawaloos

December 2015

Memphis – Johnnie Jones
Savannah – Robert Midcalf
Dallas -Juan De La Cruz
Norfolk – Lemar Smith
Chicago – Robert Vicich
Houston – Mamadi Konate
New Orleans -Michael Pierce
Atlanta – Derrick King
Charlotte – Joe Garcia|
Mobile -Gabe Thigpen
Charleston – Darryl Anderson
Dedicated Atlanta – Landen Lee
Fort Worth – Jaime Hernandez
Columbus -Boualem Seghiri

November 2015

Memphis –  Tony Clayton
Savannah – Kenneth Crowder
Dallas – James Brooks
Norfolk – Richard Parsynski
Chicago – Darrell Willie
Houston – Luis Gonzalez
New Orleans – Carlos Johnson
Atlanta – David Taylor
Charlotte – Tyrone Grady
Mobile – Eugene McClain
Charleston – Donald Lanham
Dedicated – AtlantaTamu Stinson
Fort Worth – Allie Buchanan
Columbus – Jacky Jacques

October 2015

Memphis  -Gary Grogan
Savannah – Terry Williams
Dallas  – Myron Williams
Norfolk – William Swain
Chicago – Jeff Judd
Houston – Melanio Santana
New Orleans – Donald Pontiff
Atlanta – Lorenzo Molina
Charlotte – Reggie Thompson
Mobile – Willard Weaver
Charleston – Lane Lewis
Dedicated – MemphisRobert Cooper
Dedicated – AtlantaKendrick Smith
Fort Worth – Joseph Johnson
Columbus –  Nikola Lazarevski

September 2015

Memphis – Al Edwards
Savannah – Jesse Cook
Dallas – Anthony Bates
Norfolk – Terrance Harris
Chicago – Irving Bustos
Houston – Alexis Maldonado
New Orleans – Nelson Washington
Atlanta – Kelvin Callaham
Charlotte – Lambert Clark
Mobile – Ken Davis
Charleston – Bryan Long
Dedicated Memphis – Robert Massey
Dedicated Atlanta – Oscar Mejia
Fort Worth – Jose Armas
Columbus – Dalshad Qarawaloos

August 2015
Memphis  -Charles Price
Savannah –  Jerry Ritchie
Dallas Danilo –  Avelar
Norfolk – Juan Oulaw
Chicago –  Jorge Oceguera
Houston –  Dixon Ayala
New Orleans –  Michael Pierce
Atlanta –  Pedro Robles
Charlotte –  Elijah Davis
Mobile –  Margaret Russell
Charleston – Vince Moyd
Dedicated – Memphis Cory Holcomb
Dedicated – Atlanta  Vandy Young
Fort Worth –  Jose Armas

July 2015
Savannah  – Anthony Blue
Dallas –  Lonnie Dickerson
Norfolk – Gary Ernesti
Houston – Salvador Martinez
Dedicated – Atlanta – Leroy Walton
Fort Worth – Edward Zaldivar

June 2015

Houston – Fernando Panaque
Dallas – Marcus Miles
Norfolk – Anthony Lawrence
Mobile – Roy Thomas
Chicago – Raul Nevarez
Charlotte – Kevin Diggs
Atlanta – Derrick Brown
Charleston – Willie Gaines

April 2015

Houston – Pedro Leal
Ft Worth –  Manuel Diaz Rodarte
Charleston – James Gillette
Mobile – Billy Jackson
Chicago – Mario Pecina
Charlotte – Orlando Pacheco
Atlanta – Les Pittenger
Dedicated  – Atlanta – Yosue Hernandes
Dedicated – Memphis – Jason Massey

March 2015

Houston – Reynaldo Barrera
Ft Worth – Antonio Sanchez Zamora
Savannah – Tamichael Fordham
Dallas – Wilmer Barrientos
Charleston – Bryan Long
Mobile – Steve Harbin
Chicago – Daniel Garcia
Atlanta – Jose Corado
Dedicated – Atlanta – Abdur-Rasheed

January 2015

Savannah – Jerry Ritchie
Memphis – Marshall Henderson
Norfolk – Robert Morrow
Dallas – Leonel G. Ventura
Charleston – Freddie Land
Mobile – Robby Goodwin
Houston – Jose Lazo
Chicago – John Sturz
Atlanta – Amilcar Landaverde
Dedicated – Memphis – Billy Walker
Dedicated – Atlanta – Devin Harris

December 2014

Savannah – Rich Leeds
Memphis – David Hull
Norfolk – Ulus Battle
Dallas – Gerbert Martinez
Charleston – Jerial Dingle
Mobile – Billy Jackson
Houston – Hector Mejia
Chicago – Piotr Burek
Atlanta – Henry Lemus
Dedicated – Memphis – Robert Cooper
Dedicated – Atlanta – Antavia Gates

November 2014

Savannah Sandy Eustache
Norfolk – Ricky Stokley
Charleston – Vincent Moyd
Mobile – Roy Thomas
Houston – Manuel Quintana
Chicago – Brian Feldman
Atlanta – Konrad Plata
Dedicated – Memphis – Jason Massey
Dedicated – Atlanta – Eddie Demons

October 2014

Atlanta, GA  – Roderick Truitt
Charleston, SC – James Goodwin
Chicago, IL – Brian Feldman
Dallas, TX – Jason Easley
Dedicated – Memphis – Herbert Seaberry
Houston, TX – Hector Santeliz
Mobile, AL  – Frank Davis
Norfolk, VA  – Roy Dunbar
Savannah, GA  – Tommy Robbins

September 2014
Atlanta, GA – Les Pittenger
Charleston, SC – Blaine Mitchell
Chicago, IL – Lorraine Serrano
Dallas, TX  – Corey Thompson
Dedicated – Atlanta  -David Garcia
Dedicated – Memphis –  Robert Meier
Houston, TX  – Ranferi Moreno
Mobile, AL  – Robert Goodwin
Norfolk, VA  – Floyd Wiggins
Savannah, GA – Kenneth Smalls

August 2014

Savannah -Kenneth Smalls
Norfolk – Floyd Wiggins
Charleston – Blaine Mitchell
Mobile – Robert Goodwin
Houston – Ranferi Moreno
Chicago – Lorraine Serrano
Atlanta – Les Pittenger
Dallas – Corey Thompson
Dedicated – Atlanta – David Garcia
Memphis – Dedicated – Robert Meier

July 2014
Mobile, AL – Margaret Russell
Norfolk, VA – Cedric Hill
Charleston, SC –  Ben Basnight
Chicago, IL  – Stanley Strong
Savannah, GA –  John Williams
Houston, TX  – Jose Lazo
Atlanta, GA  – Raymond Hopkins
Dallas, TX  – Teklai Halie
Memphis, TN  – Sankeno Payne
Dedicated – Atlanta Carlos Molina

June 2014
Mobile, AL – Ronnie Snow
Norfolk, VA  – Gary Ernesti
Charleston, SC  – Paten Carmichael
Chicago, IL  – John Sturz
Savannah, GA –  Bernita White
Houston, TX – Mario Lopez
Atlanta, GA  – John Carter
Dallas, TX  – Donald Washington
Memphis, TN  – Keithon Robinson
Dedicated  – Anderson Delgado

May 2014
Mobile, AL Shelley Johnson
Norfolk, VA Anthony Lawrence
Charleston, SC John Shuler
Chicago, IL Daniel Rodriquez
Savannah, GA Larry McClendon
Houston, TX Adalberto Andrade
Atlanta, GA Jose Constanza
Dallas, TX Shane Barnard
Memphis, TN Mark Rone
Dedicated Neovanis Lastre-Rivera

March 2014
Mobile, AL Eugene McClain
Norfolk, VA Thomas Lesner
Charleston, SC Jessie Slater
Chicago, IL Mark Obrochta
Savannah, GA Leon Johnson

February 2014
Mobile, AL Margaret Russell
Norfolk, VA Richard Parsynski
Houston, TX Santos Castro
Charleston, SC Robert Scott
Chicago, IL Konrad Plata
Savannah, GA Harry Carr

December 2013
Mobile, AL Kenneth Mack
Memphis, TN James Simpson
Norfolk, VA Carlton Clemmons
Houston, TX Abel Quijano
Charleston, SC Brandon Wallace
Chicago, IL Krystian “Kris” Popek
Savannah, GA James Drigger

November 2013
Charleston, SC Keith Harris

October 2013
Mobile, AL Robert Goodwin
Atlanta, GA Russell Reynolds
Charleston, SC Ronald Bennett

September 2013
Mobile, AL Henry Lawrence
Atlanta, GA David Dawley
Memphis, TN Rodney Wright
Norfolk, VA Thomas Shaw
Houston, TX Maximino Velaquez
Charleston, SC Derrick Evans

August 2013
Mobile, AL Earnest Walker
Atlanta, GA Kelvin Callaham
Charleston, SC Richard Davis


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