Aimee Henderson – Associate of the Quarter

Aimee is always happy to lend a hand, at any given time.  She’s loyal, hardworking and dedicated ASF family member.  We could use more of her enthusiasm with our “family” –  Anytime you call there for anything, she is happy to help out.  She also seems very motivated and dedicated. – Aimee works so hard to really make sure that the drivers stay on track and that customers’ needs are met. – Loyal/ Dedicated / always helping anyone that ask in our organization happy every day.

Past Associates of the Month/Quarter

First Quarter Elizabeth Lindsey
October Jessica Lowe
September Gene Burgee, Jessica Kosinski & Amanda Penix
August Alma Maldonado
May Gracie Shipp
April Aimee Henderson
March Becki Dougherty
January Suzanne Smotherman
December Vickie Harston
November Andrew Torres
September Guillermo Arias
August Jennifer Jones
July Shatu Blake
June Valerie Anderson
April Lisa Nichols
March Steve Hamil
January Tonyia Percy
December Cathy Woods
November Angie Walker
October Megan Jacobsen and Cheryl Hardesty
August Michael Bustamante
July Jonnie Jarrett
June Matt Tomberlin
May Sherly Michel
March Shannon Nigg
February JoAnne Darrow
December Becki Dougherty
November Christina McClinton
October Roslyn Beasley
September Betty Stauter
August Suzanne Smotherman
July Alex Chavarry
April Vicky Choate
March Tina Rupe
February Robbin Stevens